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Anonyme chinois

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《滋蕙堂墨寳》(Zihuitang mobao. Le Trésor d'encres du Zuihui tang. The Treasure of Zuihui Tang Inks.

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Complete set of 8 albums leporello covered in wooden boards (12 x 26 cm) gathering 45 rubbings of stones engraved with famous Jin to Ming calligraphies, chosen and edited by Ceng Huide 曽 恒 徳 in year 33 of the Qianlong era (1768). Well reputed edition for the fidelity and the precision of its rubbings.

Comments :

Two pieces deserve special attention: the “Preface to the Orchid Pavilion” 蘭亭 序 from Wang 王羲之 (321-379) from a high-quality copy of the Tang era (Vol.1) and the “Sutra of spiritual flight” 霊 飛 経 by Zhong Shaojing 鍾 紹 京 (vol. 3), a highly appreciated calligraphy model, recognized as the closest to the original of Tang.

Among the other represented, calligraphers let us choose: Ouyang Xun 欧陽詢 (557-641), Yu Shinan 虞世南 (558-635), Chu Suiliang 褚遂良 (596-658), vol. 2; Yan Zhenqing 顔真卿 (701-784), Liu Gonquan 柳公権 (778-865), vol. 4; Cai Xiang 蔡襄 (1011-1067), Su Shi蘇軾 (1036-1101), vol. 5; Mifu 米芾 (1051-1107), vol. 6; Zhao Mengfu趙孟頫 (1254-1322), Vol. 7, 8; Dong Qichang董其昌(1555-1636), vol. 8.

At the end of the 7th volume, seal of 淳古齋Chunguzhai a calligraphy and paintings merchant.

Finally let’s note that the handwritten labels (probably later) have a very special numbering reserved for books in eight volumes, which uses the list of “Eight sounds” (八音) which designates the different sounds of various musical instruments.

Good condition, but waterstained.

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Asie orientale et méridionale

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