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Daumier (Honoré)

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Epreuves du tirage du Charivari ou du tirage sur blanc. Sur Blanc lithograph on wove paper (without text printed on reverse except for one), originally published in “Le Charivari”. 4 prints hand-coloured, heightened with gum arabic of which 2 are duplicate. 奥诺雷·杜米埃 中国之旅 1843-1845 漫画. [44 prints]

He is one of the most important men, I wouldn’t only say among caricature, but of modern art as well.” (Baudelaire) 杜米埃是位举足轻重的人物,绝非仅限于讽刺画家,而是在现代艺术领域。——波德莱尔

VOYAGE EN CHINE (Travelling to China) is a series of 32 lithographs, which appeared in the Charivari between December 1843 and June 1845. Plate nr. 17 (with text printed on reverse) initially existed twice; one of the prints was later changed to nr. 31. Apart from the 32 lithographs there exists another print, which however was published on May 25, 1845 and remained undescribed by Delteil and Hazard (DR 3990). We offer a complete series of this, except for the plate 14, La Polka with text printed on reverse side. We add 10 plates from the Series En CHINE (1858-1860) et ACTUALITES (News of the day, 1850-1851). Each sheet size: 28 x 36 cm. Housed in a Chinese decorative slipcase custom-made by a Chinese designer.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: The Paris public was highly interested in the “exotic” at this early period, long before the famous “Japan Exhibition” of 1867”. As in the HISTOIRE ANCIENNE, Daumier succeeded in the VOYAGE EN CHINE series to gap the bridge to a foreign culture by means of caricature. He showed that the “strange” weaknesses were not so different from their own.

《中国之旅》由32幅石版画组成,最初连载于1843年12月至1845年6月的《喧闹》杂志上。第17幅曾出现了两次,后来将重复的调整到第31幅。本店提供的版本近乎一整套,唯独缺少第14幅。其背后印有La Polka。此外,我们还提供《中国》(1858-1860)和《新闻报》(1850-1851),它们的尺幅均为28 x 36 cm。


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Category:Graphic arts (65)
Country:Chine (99)
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