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宝永御江戸絵図 Hôei o Edo ezu


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[Plan d’Edo de l’ère Hôei]

Mounted cover title. Without the daisen Woodblock print.

The dates of the Hoei era are 1704-1711. In fact this plan is a late version. It is a reduction of the plan established in the Hoei era. The colophon indicates that it was reduced by Kitagawa Sôchô喜多川草鳥 and published by Tsutaya Kichizô 蔦屋吉蔵, Edo, Kaei 6 [1853].The long text at  the right of the colophon is divided in two parts: the left part indicates the distances between the main Edo sites of the Nihon-bashi (the “Japan Bridge” considered as  Edo’s center), the left part is a calendar of celebrations and events that mark the year in Edo.

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